All Farmers Branch Daycare Centers Are NOT Created Equally
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What is a good Farmers Branch Daycare Center? Will my child be safe in this center? Are their teachers qualified to give my child the care and education he or she deserves?

Typical Farmers Branch daycares are modern-day warehouses for children. Most centers are unsafe, with unqualified teachers. In additional, they provide little to no educational value for your child. We understand you worry about these concerns. To be honest, we have been appalled by some of these centers and wonder why they are still open.

We recognize that you are seeking the qualities of an excellent daycare center and we have established our school centred around your infant or toddler. This means that we provide your child with educational activities in a healthy, comforting, and secure facility. Brilliance is NOT the “typical” daycare in Farmers Branch!

Let me explain, we have taken great consideration of your skepticism about putting your child in a Farmers Branch daycare. Because of that, we have taken extensive measures to develop the appropriate programs for your child.

If You Place High Value in Academics
Then Your Child Belongs at Brilliance
Brilliance is an educational preschool which will prepare your child for Elementary school and beyond. Starting in our Pioneers class your child will:
  • Experience the 7 Brain-Boosting Benefits of Spanish
  • Develop early communications skills with Baby Sign Language
  • Develop dramatic Play Abilities
  • Learn to communicate in Baby Signs
  • Explore the Spanish language and experience the culture
  • Learn graduated Communication Skills
  • Develop Motor and Sensory Skills
  • Experience growth in Rhythm Music Skills to Assist in Word Development
  • Learn Early Math skills
  • Develop the Ability to Identify Various Objects
  • And experience a large variety of interactive activities
… while in a secure, sanitary and nurturing environment.

“We feel this should be an absolute given --- meaning you should NOT expect anything less from any Farmers Branch Daycare.” There is absolutely no reason you should feel comfortable leaving your child in an unsecure, unhealthy facility. Our comforting program will assist your young student in their adjustment from hometoschool.

Your child deserves more than the typical Farmers Branch daycare center. Yes --- your child deserves to be in an early childhood education institution that gives your infant or toddler the opportunity to reach their potential. We have a structured program where your child will be nurtured and cared for. Because our school is preparing your child for Elementary School, your child will continue to progress with friendships into 1st Grade.
The Secret In Finding the Right Daycare,
Is a “School” That Has a Strong Parent-School Relationship
When you join Brilliance, you are involved with a family of professionals and other esteemed parents that focus on providing your child with the best combination of resources. Because we want to build that relationship, we encourage you to join our Brilliance Parent Association to work in partnership with our family.

All of our administrators, teachers, and staff are parents too. So we understand the amount of pressure on you to choose the right daycare in Farmers Branch. It is relevant that we provide you with the tools, resources, and professional guidance to ensure that you make the best decision. We feel it is our responsibility that “ALL” parents be aware of these critical factors.

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