Rowlett Montessori School

Rowlett Montessori School Philosophy

Our teachers are guided by each child and the Montessori ideal that each child learns at his or her own pace. Brilliance Academy encourages independence in children by giving them the opportunity to express themselves if they dislike a particular task, need help, or simply don’t feel ready. Brilliance Academy involves parents closely in every child’s education through a careful cultivation of a relationship between the child, teacher and parent.

The Montessori Curriculum

Brilliance Academy focuses its curriculum on five main aspects, bringing them all together to compliment each other in the Montessori School tradition.

  • Language Arts – Verbal expression is encouraged and children are taught to trace and recognize letters as a beginning step to learning to read. The introduction of Sign Language to the Montessori curriculum also gives children a literacy advantage.
  • Learning through the Senses – Experience is the key to understanding. Learning exercises incorporate all five senses to engage children and give them hands-on, real-world comprehension.
  • Practicalities of Life – Guidance of children through their everyday activities – tying shoes, preparing snacks, putting on jackets, etc. – creates confidence and security.
  • Hands-on Mathematics – Utilizing physical objects to express numbers gives students a clear understanding of basic math concepts, from decimals to division.
  • Cultural Awareness – Brilliance Academy stresses the Montessori ideal of expanding a child’s awareness of geography, zoology, science and art.

Working Together

Brilliance Academy’s Montessori program encourages children to work together to learn from each other through cooperation as well as guidance from our teachers. The diversity in Brilliance Academy classrooms gives children an early understanding of cultural differences and equality, preparing them for an expanding, global society and their future.

Caring and Competent Montessori School Teachers

Brilliance Academy teachers are caring and competent individuals with an understanding of the Montessori philosophy of a “whole child” education. Passion, experience and expertise are words that describe the entire Brilliance Academy staff at the Montessori School in Rowlett , TX.

The Complete Education

Brilliance Academy instills Montessori programs from the beginning on through the early elementary grades. Every student is considered a unique individual with their own particular social and emotional development needs. Children in the Brilliance Academy are consciously taught to be kind and peaceful as they’re brought together into diverse groups. Everything is interrelated and one lesson leads to many others. The Montessori School in Rowlett , TX teaches children to think and discover for themselves.

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